Go from constantly dealing with comparisonitis and guilt, to feeling confident and secure in who you are as a Woman and Mom, so you can start living the life you were meant for. Experience what it’s like to have a cheerleader on your corner that gives you TRUTH wrapped up in a warm blanket of LOVE. Because whether you believe it yet or not, you deserve it and you need to start to see that for yourself. #yesplease!


  • 4-Month package consisting of 3 50-minute sessions per month, Email/Voxer* access for support in between sessions, a book or journal chosen just for you and your journey, tools and exercises tailored to your needs;

  • We will focus on your Roadmap to Joy and work on your specific obstacles to joy as well as strengthening your keys to joy. You will bring the agenda for each session based on your own needs, struggles, challenges, celebrations, and we will partner together to help you find the answers within and create actionable steps to move forward and let go of limiting beliefs and whatever other annoying negative self-talk is getting in the way;

  • Most importantly, we will make sure you give yourself permission to dream, and to be the woman and mom that you are meant to be. When you listen for your life purpose and you pursue your dreams and life’s desires confidently and secure in who you are as a whole woman, you become an even better mama and role model to your kiddos!

  • BONUS: Energy Leadership Index(TM) Assessment AND 90-minute Debrief at no additional cost (current stand-alone value $200);

  • Investment: $1,800 paid in full, or 4 monthly payments of $495.

ON-THE-GO VOXER COACHING. You deserve special attention, beautiful. I've created a special, out of this world affordable, way for YOU to finally put yourself first.

You're tired, mama.  You know you shouldn't do it, but you still get mom guilt more than you'd like.  You still compare yourself to the other moms, even if you know you're only comparing your real life to their highlight reel.  You've heard about self-care way more than you can handle.  You know all.the.things. but you really aren't ready to commit to working with a coach 1:1 because well, you don't know what it's gonna be like, if it's going to work, if it's worth the $$$ that it seems to cost.  And frankly, you also don’t think whatever is making you feel stuck is ‘as bad as it could be’. But how bad do things need to get before we ask for support? How much do we need to ‘lose ourselves’ before we finally decide it’s time to get to know (and LOVE) ourselves again? I’m a firm believer that everyone should have a coach. Including busy mama You.

And guess what? Even if you’re not too sure, you can now try it out in a convenient format, and for a very reasonable price!

I want every mama (in the world if possible!) to feel that working with me as her coach is something that can be done, without breaking the bank.  With this special package, you'll get to experience the shifts and a-ha moments, on your own time!  All you have to do, is commit to at least 1 month and download a FREE app (that I'm not affiliated with in any way but absolutely love) and voilá!  

I'm going to live in your pocket basically (or your purse, I guess).  You'll have the Voxer* app in your phone, and you can send me voice messages which I can listen to in real time if I'm in the app as well, or soon after.  I can respond to you and we can carry a dialogue "on your own time". 

We'll chat about what your goals are and work through them, with YOUR individual needs in mind, and exercises tailored to you so you can start achieving and stop putting on hold:

  • Want to get that inner mean mama under control?

  • Want to find a way to be more disciplined with your health and fitness goals?

  • Want to start believing you’re actually a pretty great, more than good enough mom?

  • What's keeping you stuck (telling yourself stories that aren't true? thinking you're not good enough?)

  • Want to map out how you can move forward either by creating some plans of action that are a reach, but still doable or taking that leap you've been holding off for far too long? 

There's no catch.  You just have to commit to taking it seriously and you have to have the will and desire to work on yourself.  You have to be willing to receive a lot of LOVE and TRUTH from me.  I will not necessarily be easy on you, but I will be loving in my approach.  You have to commit to at least 1 month and pay in advance.  And at the end of your 1, 3, 6, 12 month work with me through this agreement, it would be amazing if you'd provide a testimonial (but not mandatory)!  

The cost is just $125 per month.  Say whaaaat?!?!  Do it, mama.  You deserve it more than you even know!!!


Just CLICK below to schedule your FREE consult coaching call now so I can answer all your questions and sign you up if it's a good fit! [Know that there will be no pressure, that's not my style!]

*Voxer is a free, easy to use app, that allows us to text and voice message in real time. You just need to download it and add me as a friend and we’re good to go! (I am not in any way affiliated with Voxer, I just find it very convenient and an easy way to stay connected to my coaching clients).

Angie is amazing to work with! She is so supportive, knowledgeable, attentive, and just plain fun. Working with her really helped me learn how to be more present in the moment, define, and DO what brings me joy - all things I was struggling with for a while. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her services. She’s amazing!
— Lina Adjogble