Client Love

Me and my #1 fan.  Don't worry... I'm not including his testimonial here as I'm sure you might consider it a tad biased! 

Me and my #1 fan.  Don't worry... I'm not including his testimonial here as I'm sure you might consider it a tad biased! 

"Angie truly fulfills her goal of helping others find joy. I can honestly say that because I have experienced it first hand.  After every talk with Angie, I hang up with a smile because our talks are always full positivity, and learning about personal strengths that were unknown to me. 

I love her glass half full approach to every situation. 

As a parent and someone who loves to please people, sometimes I forget about what is more important to me. These past months have been about true inner discovery, figuring out my priorities, and finding balance.

The first things I noticed from our first talk is her transparency, honesty, and kindness. I'm grateful to call Angie my Life Coach and friend."

~ Lissette P.

"Working with Angie really helped me uncover how I was holding myself back with a bunch of ‘shoulds and have tos’ and allowed me to focus on the things I truly want.  Being a busy mom is hard but there’s so much joy you can find and ways you can lift yourself up through the overwhelm...Angie helped me realize what those things are for me and gave me the confidence to work for them!"

~ Erin K.

"My 6-month journey with Angie has been a soul and mind opener. She has guided me to find, to dig, to express, to acknowledge and to embrace my inner self, my true self - with all those tools that have helped me value even more life and learn to appreciate what comes. During our months working together, I found the strength to make a change in my professional life. I have also come to understand that change has to be from within me. And that I can balance my life as a mother, a wife, a professional, an entrepreneur, as a daughter and friend. Us women have a lot of hats we wear and by having the experience of life coaching with Angie, now I know when to stop complaining, value myself and embrace those little things that really matter and bring positive vibes to my life!!!! I strongly recommend life coaching to anyone who wants to live to your full potential. Thank you, Angie for helping me find joy. I know I’m still a work in progress :) but I surely feel more aware and open to keep pursuing to become a better version of myself, for me and for my family. 

Your always grateful client,   M.O.Z."

Elinam Adjogble.jpg

"Angie is amazing to work with! She is so supportive, knowledgeable, attentive, and just plain fun. Working with her really helped me learn how to be more present in the moment, define, and DO what brings me joy - all things I was struggling with for a while. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her services. She's amazing!"


~ Lina Adjogble, Create With Lina

"I so enjoyed taking the ELI and learning how I can show up better and more efficiently in my life and business. Angie is a natural coach and balances listening closely, providing insight and asking intentional questions with ease. I learned more about my strengths, "my fear cycle" and how I can be a better mama and business owner by embracing the way that I show up and respond to stress. Thank you Angie!"

~ Anna F.